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Australia is known for its incredibly hot weather, especially in the summer. As we grow older, our bodies find it more difficult to regulate heat as efficiently as we did when we’re young.

Growing older forces change, especially when it comes to caring for our loved ones. We understand the importance of ensuring that your close friend or family member receives care and companionship that both supports and improves their quality of life.

Relationship-based home care is an innovative type of care designed to deliver impact, not just inputs. It is organised around the needs of the care recipient and his or her family, rather than around the completion of a predefined set of tasks.

Being a carer for a loved one can be extremely demanding, stressful and appear never-ending. Respite care provides carers with a short-term break from their caring role.

There is a common belief that memory loss is a normal part of the ageing process. But whilst the occasional spout of forgetfulness is normal from time-to-time, dementia is a disease that causes a progressive mental decline and can develop in anyone at any age.

Caring for someone with dementia can be an extremely challenging time. But as a family member, we know you’re there offering unconditional love, care and support to your loved one from the very beginning, no matter how difficult it gets.

Much to ones’ disbelief, CAREGivers are not miracle workers – they are humans. So just like you and me, CAREGivers also need a break from their duties from time to time.

In-home senior care comes in an extensive range of services to cater for all kinds of abilities and circumstances. We offer home assistance for seniors who require support for many different reasons, with the aim to enable them to stay living at home independently for as long as possible.

Most people imagine end of life care can only be accessed in a care home, hospital or hospice. However, with proper planning, you can receive palliative care at home surrounded by the comfort of your family, close friends and most loved possessions.

As we age, it becomes all too easy to let our exercise go. We lose the physical prowess we had when we were younger so it becomes more challenging to move the way we used to – so many people end up moving less and less.