Our Team

The Home Instead Senior Care Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Team

Your Home Instead Senior Care team on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers area possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. Both Chris and Steve have their own family senior care experiences and Chris's Grandmother, aged 101, still lives independently in her own home in Victoria's bayside.

It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their CAREGivers. When you or an elderly loved one is ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.   

Meet our team of caring, compassionate professionals, dedicated to providing you and your family the best in-home care and support for your individual needs and preferences.

Chris Davey & Steve Patterson


Chris and Steve opened the first franchised office of Home Instead Senior Care in July 2006. We have been providing exceptional care to our clients for the past 11 years and will continue to grow as the population ages says Steve. We strive to be the solution for seniors and their families who are looking for assistance to remain living independently at home.

We have a fabulous team we work with each and every day. Our CAREGivers are the heart of our business, they are providing the services to our clients through care, compassion and dependability, whilst our office staff, work hard behind the scenes with the caregivers to ensure the best quality care is being provided. We train our Caregivers in house with our own internal training system; we monitor and mentor our CAREGivers through their training to ensure they have the right tools and skills to assist our seniors in their care needs. We employ CAREGivers with little or no experience and train them through to their Certificate III in Individual Support, as well as employing CAREGivers that have already gained a qualification, where we encourage them to continue learning through our in-house GRAD training and development program.

Our office team is dedicated to providing the very best support to our CAREGivers, clients and client's families through daily contact and regular team meetings. Our Client Coordinators provide welcomed feedback to those client's families that are living away from their loved ones. We currently employ 156 CAREGivers and 15 office based employees who all share the passion for making a difference to a senior’s life.

Both Steve and I have been involved in caring for their own loved ones throughout our journey with Home Instead Senior Care says Chris. My Grandmother is 101 years young this November and living independently in her own home in eastern bayside suburbs of Victoria. Steve supports his Mum in Brisbane to maintain her independence and remain living at home she is in her 80’s. 

Melissa Erskine-Shaw

Executive Business Manager

My own parents are both fiercely independent people and only recently retired. Although they are not in need of assistance just yet, working with Home Instead Senior Care makes me acutely aware of the challenges they and our family may face in the coming years. As we go about our daily business here, I am always firmly putting 3 questions to myself  "Are we putting our Clients’ needs and preferences first? ”,  “Is this what I would expect for one of my own family”, and “How can we consistently improve?”. 

At Home Instead Senior Care our biggest investment is our people, and our biggest achievement is our Clients satisfaction. I am so proud to work for an organisation that consistently demonstrates integrity in all aspects of its business, and, continually improves the quality of services offered to its clients. 

Jennifer Irwin

Client Care Manager

Home Instead Senior Care has a great reputation for consistency and quality in CAREGivers providing outstanding care to all our clients .

I have always liked to be part of an organization that has a good standing in the industry and believes that the Customer is King, Home Instead Senior care Gold Coast provides this to all clients and CAREGivers. I have an adopted daughter who I adopted when she was 13months, and she is 21 now. She has schizophrenia – ( disorganized subtype) and borderline personality disorder.

I did advocacy for the elderly who had become the custodians of orphaned children in HIV affected households. This provided me with some of the skills to my current role. Home Instead Senior care is really bridging the gap for their seniors – from what they used to be able to manage independently – to what they are able to manage now, due to age related illnesses and degeneration. Our CAREGivers are Angels on Earth. We are only as good as our Client’s last experience with one of our CAREGivers – we have to make each time count.

I love the people contact, and I love the variety, every day is different and a new opportunity to make a difference to everyone I deal with.

Jennifer Ruby

Client Services Manager

Making the transition to Home Instead Senior Care was a choice I made from seeing how much they stood out as an organisation that truly cared about helping  seniors and making a difference in this industry. This passion to engage in work that truly makes a difference for others is a trait that I value for myself and for the work I do. I have spent many years volunteering with and also helping seniors. I’ve spent a previous ten years working with children in various roles and believe the elderly and children can be some of the most vulnerable people in our society who need caring advocates who take their job personal to make a difference for them.

Lynda Grimwood

Client Services Manager

I have been a nurse for many years and worked in different roles in acute care and the aged care sector. I am privileged to now have a position as a Client Services Manager with such an outstanding aged care provider. It makes me feel proud to talk about HISC to potential clients, referral agencies and people in the community as they are a company that gives the time, respect, kindness and will go out of their way to accommodate clients requests. The staff are all wonderful, caring and suited to their roles and it is a pleasure to work alongside them all. I have a daughter with special needs; she has Autism & is developmentally delayed she is the joy of my life. Having just turned 18 years of age, she has transitioned to the NDIS and will leave school this year, to explore employment opportunities. 

Tracy Thomas

Recruitment and Training

My Nana lived in a small country town in Victoria right up until she passed away at 87. Nana Mac was very attached to her home and the memories she had there as well as the life she had with friends, craft groups, etc. Unfortunately we all lived scattered around the state and as Nana Mac got older she came to rely on in home services. I feel this is such a valuable service which helped her stay in her own home and, (especially important for a lady who worked during the war to support her very young children whilst my grandfather was away, and then relocated the family from Scotland to Australia in the years after the war), being able to maintain  her independence for as  long as possible was vitally connected to her happiness and good health.  I was very close to all my Grandparents growing up and helped care for my Nan with Parkinson’s during my teenage years. My Grandfather would go off and indulge in his love of Soccer (yup, in Melbourne during the 80’s – Soccer. Unheard of back then!!) and I would spend many enjoyable hours listening to Nan reminiscing about growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne when it was still mostly a small city. Very helpful when it was time for history homework. In addition I undertook my Cert III HACC and worked as a carer in Country Victoria for a number of years under the council HACC program. 

Enhancing the lives of seniors is about finding out about them as individuals, finding out about their lives and just what needs they have in order to assist them to continue to live quality lives in a safe and secure environment.  Enhancing lives means going the extra step to ensure our seniors are not only safe, secure, and healthy, but are also happy, content and able to participate in activities they take joy from. Home Instead Gold Coast caregivers are amongst the most compassionate, empathetic and hardworking carer’s I have come across. Ask any of them about their clients and the response is smiling faces as they talk about their clients with affection. Our CAREGivers always look to how they can help their clients; they always give us a call with suggestions or feedback to improve services to clients and ultimately clients lives.  As Training and Recruitment Officer I get to enjoy all aspects of Home Instead Senior care from interacting with CAREGivers on a daily basis, gaining feedback from training and services to continually improve our CAREGivers skills and assist them to provide better services, through to talking to clients and getting lovely feedback regarding our CAREGivers

Ann McLauchlan

Service Delivery Manager

After working in a workforce planning role for so many years and enjoying the challenge I thought it would be interesting and challenging to combine two things I am passionate about.                                                                 

I helped care for my grandmother before she passed away and currently live with and help care for my parents who are both in the 70’s. I think anything that can help our aging population be more comfortable and independent is only a good thing. Our life expectancy is becoming longer and longer which means the aged care industry will only become more and more important. And as we continue to be client focused the word of mouth from existing clients will provide us with more care to more clients. 

We have a wide range of caregivers – all ages and multiple nationalities, they are all client focused and thoroughly enjoy the work they do and this makes our jobs easier.  I think that the caregivers are armed with all the information and training they need to provide support and care – the dementia care and other manuals have really helpful tips and hints which come in handy in many situations.  Our caregivers are really well trained.   I really enjoy hearing from clients how they have enjoyed the caregivers we have matched with them and vice versa – caregivers also comment on how lovely clients are – this job makes me feel really good because I know at the end of the day I am helping seniors maintain their independence and dignity which keeps families happy.  Knowing that I have helped someone makes my job so very important and gives me great job satisfaction.

Maureen O'Rourke

Client Coordinator

I chose to work at Home Instead Senior Care because as a former CAREGiver I had received excellent reports about the company from many clients and fellow CAREGivers. I understand the importance of care and support that some seniors and their families need.  I know first-hand how valuable it is for them to stay in their own homes as long as possible and I am confident with the great care our CAREGivers provide to help our clients feel safe and secure to remain living independently in their own home environment. I would have loved to have had a company like Home Instead Senior Care when I was caring for my elderly parents to help me get the best possible care for all concerned including respite.

I have had more than 10 years’ experience as a CAREGiver and understand the challenges caring for seniors and supporting their families. I have experience with both disability and dementia know all too well the obstacles that our clients, families and CAREGivers can face on a day to day basis. I am aware that the needs of our clients can change very quickly and our flexibility is paramount to delivering the best service to meet our client’s needs.

For the past three years working with Home Instead Senior Care, I have had the opportunity to learn all the training programs that are offered by Home Instead Senior Care and I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. I also love the culture of the company and how we work to achieve client satisfaction. I believe the company prides itself on being a solution to seniors and their families from getting to know some of our CAREGivers who often go beyond the client’s expectations in their service roles with empathy and excellence.

Karina Murphy

Client Services Manager
Karina Murphy

When I moved back to the Gold Coast after a working holiday in Darwin I was looking for a role that would best utilise my skills but give me a different sense of fulfilment and reward. The opportunity to give back to the community and Australia’s ageing population was too greater chance.

Having a mum who is constantly pulled from pillar to post by my 97 year old grandmother as her needs change, I felt there was a better way to get some relief for her and yet give my grandmother the best quality life. This is when I met with the Chris and Steve. Having heard their own story and the difference our Caregivers make to our Client’s lives I was committed to our mission and could see what impact we could make, not only on my personal situation but society as a whole.

Since starting with Home Instead I have had the opportunity to meet several members of the public and the industry. I have developed a keen interest in Dementia Studies and I am committed to helping the communities of the Gold Coast and Tweed become Dementia Friendly.